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Don Dohler ) The Alien Factor


Just so you know, I do watch things other than weird and obtuse foreign arthouse flicks. I also love kooky schlock – and Don Dohler‘s 1978 low-budget sci-fi monster flick The Alien Factor most definitely fits that description.

It’s easy to dismiss the film’s effects, script, casting, and…well, pretty much everything else. From a quality standpoint, The Alien Factor’s about as bad as they get. But there’s an earnest goofiness to the whole thing that I admire. It’s true that Dohler (who passed away in 2006) wasn’t much of a filmmaker, but it’s clear that he loved film. Aside from his crazy forays into grade-Z cinema, Dohler also founded Cinemagic magazine in an effort to teach young filmmakers how to create effects on shoestring budgets. Remember those kids in Super 8? They were probably big fans of Cinemagic. Coincidentally, so was the dude who directed Super 8  – JJ Abrams. Go figure.

Anway, if you’re up for a bit of silly 70’s low-fi fun, The Alien Factor should do the trick.

Bonus: The Don Dohler documentary Blood Boobs & Beast, courtesy of Troma Film.


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