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Andrzej Zulawski ) Possession

Today’s Flick Pick is director Andrzej Zuławski‘s 1981 psychological horror film Possession. Zuławski’s film is a disturbing take on the psychological trauma of failed relationships starring the generally excellent Sam Neill and equally talented (and ethereally beautiful) Isabelle Adjani as the troubled couple. Possession is intense and disjointed in much the same way as Kubrick’s The Shining, although as one would expect the production is far less austere…though no less disturbing (in fact, I’d wager Possession is actually more disturbing than The Shining. YMMV)

I hesitate to divulge any of the details for fear of spoiling any of the film’s gut-wrenching twists and turns. Possession is one of those films that are best discussed afterward.

Link: Possession (Wikipedia entry)


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